LogiCarré is a game done during the Scientific Game Jam 2020, hosted by AtlanGames.

It's a game based on Antoine Cochard's work in the field of linguistics, he's subject was "Logical operators in the language".

In LogiCarré you have to reach the end, which is out of reach behind closed gates.
To open these gates you have to feed them the right for shapes based on what is written on them.


You can also interact with the Space Bar and use your mouse to navigate the menus.

Antoine Cochard : PhD Student -  Level Designer

Samuel Barbeau : Game Programmer

Valentin Petiteau : Sound Designer

Nathan Tazi : Level Designer

Astride Couillaux : Game Designer - Level Designer

Baptiste Barreyre : Game Artist


Build_v1.4 LogiCarré.zip 31 MB

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